Zelio is the product of loving speed, adoring craftsmanship and worshiping great design. We love form and function, art and architecture, however nowhere else are these attributes epitomised more than in the soul of a sports car. 


Made for speed and little else, comfort, even safety are an after thought, blown away by the need for a faster lap time.


In that vain, Zelio is for the zealot.

For those driven by perfection. For the independent one with their large-scale ideas and lofty ambitions, who puts up with the hard ride, hot wind and sweaty seats to achieve their goal. 


No matter the marque, Zelio celebrates that pioneering spirit of the 50s and 60s when adventurous engineering was fuelled by a new optimism. The culture of creativity shone through the purity of intent unencumbered by the fear of safety, before the days of seat belts, cup holders and litigation. It was breath-taking.


Welcome home.

To the Fellowship of the fast.




The best part about track days is that the mateship. Fanging cars with blokes who you like. Surprisingly, Lotus track days seem to lack pretencious dick heads.